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Granby Charter Days Tractor Pull

Granby Charter Days
Tractor and Truck Pull

June 13-15, 2014 at Granby Charter Days



Granby Charter Days Tractor Pull and Truck Pull

Granby Tractor and Truck Pull is held June 13-15, 2014 during Granby Charter Days at Dufresne Park. A tractor pull is a competition where modified tractors pull a heavy sledge (sled) along a long dirt track. The winner is the tractor that pulls the sledge farthest.

Granby Charter Days Tractor Pull Tractor Pull

Many years ago, the tractor pull in Granby was organized as an event to have the local guys bring their tractors and play & pull. Eventually, the pull grew and was run by the Massachusetts Tractor Pullers Association. Today, it is being organized and run by Mike Martel with the help of some good friends. The pull remains a friendly competition and a lot of fun! The track was built with the help of a lot of generosity and donations. Some donated the use of dump trucks and bulldozers. Some donated their time and expertise.

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In 2010, a question was asked if anyone wanted to pull their truck on the track. Surprisingly, 6 came out and within a few minutes the trucks were hooked up to a sled weighted down with cement blocks and mud was flying! Nothing broke, BUT, we had a new annual event that was a huge crowd draw!

Enjoy the competition sport of truck pulling? C'mon out Mass Truck Pullers!!!

 Truck Pull

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