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This program is funded in part by a grant from the Granby Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
This program is funded in part by a grant from the Granby Cultural Council,
a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Granby Dinosaur Statue Project

Shaina Humphrey 413-530-9003 [email protected]

Granby Dinosaur Statue Project

Granby, MA is building artistic Brontosaurus Models that will be displayed at different locations in town by June of 2013. This project will bring character and a distinctive heritage to our community. This is a not for profit venture. The program needs to raise $17,000 in order to fund the project.

  • These are one of a kind signature art pieces, created by local artists to commemorate the project.
  • Statues are made of high strength polyurethane.
  • Dinosaurs will measure : 5’ high x 4’ wide, x 8’ long.
  • Statues are attached to a secure footing using mounting plates and bolts to guard against theft.
  • Locations of statues will be determined by the businesses and individuals who buy them.
  • The Project plans to install six statues in 2013.
  • The statues will be manufactured by 42 Fab Designs in Springfield, MA.
  • The cost of this project is privately funded by sponsorship and donation.
  • Cost of an individual statue is $2,000.

Fund raising - Here are some of the ways that you can help:

Artistic Dinosaur Statues

  • These are one of a kind works of art made to commemorate the project.
  • Cost  is $200.
Alien Life Forms  Concentric Gold   
Alien Life Forms Concentric Gold Feathers
 by Wayne Gagnon by Rachael Ciecko by Marvina Brook


FootprintsDinosaur footprints

  • Cost $20 each or 6 for $100
  • Why get one when you can make an entire walkway?

Dinosaurs Make Cents

  • Please bring in your loose change to fill up the dinosaur egg in your class room
  • Every time you fill the egg your class wins a dinosaur foot print
  • The class who fills the most eggs gets to choose the design for the Dinosaur Statue

Class Participation Program

  • Granby Class of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 participation program
  • A donation from this class will provide money to buy a statue to displayed in front of the high school and be painted by the senior class each year. Other high school classes will be solicited to make a donation towards this program.

Additional ways to show your support of this project:

  • Participate in fundraising
  • Make a donation
  • Sign up to help
  • Tell other people about the benefits of this project

We would like to thank the following artists for their contribution in creating our fundraising statues which raised over $2,000 towards our project:

Claudette Lambert Peterson
Marvina Brook
Wayne Gagnon
Elizabeth Teal
Dasha Hatch
Racheal Ciecko
Rebbecca Della Torres
Becca Ciecko
Roxanne Baker
Shaina Humphrey
Emmy Petterson
Beth Forbush
Alice Chouinard

We would like to thank the following sponsors of our project:

Northeast Fasteners
Enhanced Online Sales
Champion Lawn Care
Holden Humphrey Company
Lucky Horse Farm
Dede Connoly
All Power Equipment
Dickinson Farms
Kip and Jodi Foley
The Thai Place
Attorney Jim Baker

Sold Dinosaurs!

01033 Baby Blue Celebration
by Shaina Humphrey by Emmy Peterson by Rebeca Della Tores

Compass   Flower Power
by Eizabeth Teal   by Jill Nugent

Gay Pride
Marine in Green
Night Life
by Shaina Humphrey by Alice Chouinard by Claudette Lambert Peterson
Small Money Maker
by Dasha Hatch



Contact Us

Further questions may be directed to the committee chairperson:


Shaina Humphrey


[email protected]